Cosmetic Bonding

What is dental bonding?

It’s an affordable procedure that utilizes a composite resin for cosmetic enhancement and restoration of decayed teeth. The composite consists of glass and porcelain particles fused into a liquid plastic and it is matched up accordingly to the colour of your teeth. Because the bonded tooth blends well with the surrounding teeth, it will give a more natural look. After the composite is applied and adjusted to the tooth, it is hardened with the use of a high intensity light. It is then buffered and polished to smooth out any rough surfaces.   Now you are ready to smile for the big day!

Your wedding is in two weeks and your budget is getting tight, but you have always wished to have the perfect smile as you and your loved one take center stage. What can you do?  After all, you the “centerpiece” of the celebration, all cameras will relentlessly zoom in and reveal your front teeth as you smile.

If you are not happy with your front teeth, your Dr. Paul Han can help you to improve them, instantly, in one single visit.  This type of “smile-makeover,” is known as dental bonding and can:

  • Cover your discoloured teeth
  • Lineup your crooked teeth
  • Repair your chipped teeth,
  • Fill the gap between your teeth,
  • Glamorize your smile.

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