Mississauga Nitrous Oxide

What if I feel a little anxious about dentistry?

Nitrous OxideIt is very common to have a little anxiety about an upcoming dental procedure. But if your fears have kept you away from the dental office when you know you really should go — take heart! At Sandalwood Dental we offer conscious sedation with nitrous oxide to help you lose that anxiety, and make the whole dental experience so stress-free that you may not even remember it when it’s over.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, a colourless gas with a slightly sweet odour, has been used in medicine for about a century; however its outdated nickname, “laughing gas,” is undeserved. It’s a safe and effective method of administering conscious sedation — which means that you’ll stay awake during the procedure. But when this is used in combination with a local anesthetic, you won’t feel pain or anxiety. In fact, many patients report a feeling of well-being during this type of sedation. All bodily functions remain normal during the administration of nitrous oxide, and its effects wear off quickly afterwards.

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