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Why Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Root canal treatment or endodontic surgery may not always be able to help you save your tooth. Sometimes, a tooth cannot be saved, and will need to be extracted and replaced with a prosthetic or artificial tooth.
You may need to have a tooth extracted because it is very decayed, has been broken or is loose. Also, if your teeth are overcrowded or you are getting braces, you may need a tooth extraction to free up room in your mouth.

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Good reasons for having your wisdom teeth extracted

While oral surgery may sound scary, having your wisdom teeth removed can often be a better experience than not doing so when you consider the pain associated with wisdom teeth problems.

Some people have no problems when their wisdom teeth erupt and don’t need to have their wisdom teeth extracted. Even so, Dr. Paul Han (Mississauga Dentist) recommends having your wisdom teeth removed if you experience the following scenarios:

  • Your wisdom teeth don’t fit in your mouth. Most of us have about 28 teeth, before the wisdom teeth erupt. When you add your four wisdom teeth, you have 32 teeth all trying to fit into the confined amount of space available in your jaw. When the jaw isn’t large enough, the wisdom teeth can become impacted, which means they are either unable to fully erupt or they become misaligned.
  • You experience chronic pain in your gums near your wisdom teeth. This pain can be a sign of infection that can occur from partially erupted wisdom teeth. When food and bacteria get trapped in these areas, it can lead to a very painful infection
  • Your wisdom teeth don’t come in straight. If your wisdom teeth come in fully, but come in sideways, they can cause your teeth to shift and move over time. There is also a chance that poorly aligned wisdom teeth can damage the nearby teeth.
  • A cyst forms around the wisdom tooth. This occurs when the sac next to the tooth becomes filled with fluid. When this occurs, it can destroy the surrounding structures such as bone or tooth roots. In rare cases, an untreated cyst can lead to a tumor that may require a more serious surgical procedure.

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