You can have false teeth – and love them!

Your personalized partial or complete dentures are made so that you can have a perfect smile. You will feel so much better once your dentures are properly “fitted” and you no longer have to hide your smile.


The great thing about getting dentures is that you will get a confidence boost.

We can lose our natural teeth for a wide variety of reasons. It could be through injury, it could be through decay or it could be through a number of different oral health problems. If you’ve faced tooth loss, Dr. Paul Han will probably talk to you about dentures or dental implant retained dentures.

Choosing your new set of teeth

Think of picking your dentures as like trying on new clothes. You’ll want them to look just like your natural teeth but some will suit you better than others. With help from Dr. Paul Han at Sandalwood Dental, you can decide which tooth shapes, sizes and colours fit your mouth and look right for you. If there’s anything you really didn’t like about your natural teeth, now is the time to improve upon that.