Oral Sedation


What is sedation dentistry and is it right for me?

Have you avoided the dentist for an extensive period of time even though you know you need dental treatment? Do you often cancel appointments out of fear or anxiety? Has anyone ever told you that you appear to act differently when you’re at the dentist, or considering a dental visit? Do you need dental treatment, but dread the thought of getting it done? If so, oral sedation dentistry may be right for you.

Three simple steps to prepare for sedation dentistry

oralsedation2Once Dr. Paul Han at Sandalwood Dental office determines that you are a candidate for oral sedation dentistry, he will explain the three easy steps involved:

You and Dr. Paul Han will outline your plan for dental treatment and schedule your treatment.

Dr. Paul Han will prescribe for you and give you two pills–one to take at night before your appointment, and the other to take the morning of your dental appointment.

You will arrive for your dental appointment having taken the two pills to get you ready for an anxiety-free experience where you can get the dental care you need taken care of.