White Fillings

Replace silver fillings with white tooth coloured fillings

Silver fillings can hide decay

Because silver fillings are opaque to x-rays, it’s difficult for Dr. Paul Han to see a cavity under the filling until they are quite extensive.  In some cases, this can mean the difference between getting another filling or having to have a root canal treatment.

Silver fillings are also a factor in teeth cracking

Another factor to consider is the cracks in the teeth, which also won’t show on x-rays at all. We see this commonly in people in their 40’s or 50’s. Silver fillings do not strengthen teeth at all. So a silver filling in a tooth, essentially acts like a wedge, and when you bite down on the filling the forces are transmitted to the remaining tooth structure. If the filling is more than about a half of the width of the tooth there is a good chance that the tooth is going to crack, break or chip.

Why White Fillings Are Wonderful

At Sandalwood Dental we offer white also called “tooth-colored fillings,” because they will match the colour of your surrounding tooth for a beautiful finish. This is possible because we can customize the shade of the composite we use to address your tooth decay.

Composite is safe for most patients. Even women who are pregnant or those who are allergic to metal can safely receive a white filling. These fillings will not result in heightened sensitivity to heat or cold – this is a common concern regarding metal fillings.

When placing a tooth-coloured filling, we do not need to remove as much of your tooth tissue as we do when placing a metal filling. This allows you to retain a greater amount of your natural tooth.